Guatamala Chalabal

$ 8.00

Cupping Notes: Juicy. Pineapple Acidity. Creamy Body.

Roast: Medium

Region: Acatenango, Chimaltenango

Farm: Finca Chalabal Estrella

Farm Owner: Jarras, S.A.

Process: Washed

The main objective in Chalabal is to produce high quality coffee to satisfy different markets. The coffee farm is located in Acatenango, Chimaltenango and produces SHB high quality coffee at 1680 meters above sea level.

Chalabal is a family business that produces quality coffee with hard work and tradition. From one generation to another they worked to improve the production. The quality coffee is result of the team's hard work, because everyone has an important role during whole process. They also feel it is important to take care of social and environmental responsibility.

As far as quality is concerned, in order to manage Chalabal, they apply modern administrative and technical tools. First, coffee seeds are selected carefully and planted as almacigos. During harvest season the coffee beans are selected from each coffee tree carefully, and then it is process on dry and wet mill. We take care that after wet mill process, the coffee has only 12% humidity. Finally the coffee is sun dry. During whole process the coffee is traceable: where it came from, the day it was picked and the exact varietal. At Chalabal, the coffee is produced with good agricultural practices.

In the future, Chalabal plans to build a water treatment plant to minimize the amount of water used to process coffee. They hope this will help others to adhere to the national water regulation, as well.

This coffee also placed in the 2014 Cup of Excellence competition in Guatemala.

  • VARIETAL: Bourbon
  • DELIVERY: Spot
  • ALTITUDE: 1,600-1,830 Meters
  • CERTIFICATION: Direct Trade