Colombia Valle de Cauca

$ 15.00

Cupping Notes: Bright. Floral. Smooth.

Roast: Dark

Region: Valle De Cauca

The Cauca region, named for the Cauca River, is a region thick with diversity in terms of both ecological factors and the coffee growing population. Despite the various ethnicities and decendances, the growers of Cauca are consistent in their cultural practices as well as their coffee producing systems.

Coffee grown in the Cauca region experiences heavy rainfall and rich volcanic soils. Daily temperature fluctuation combined with high altitudes slow the maturation of the coffee and allow the beans to develop more flavor characteristics before they are taken off to the mill to be processed.

Process: Washed

  • GRADE: Supremo
  • VARIETAL: Various
  • DELIVERY: Spot
  • ALTITUDE: 1,600 - 1,700 Meters
  • CERTIFICATION: Direct Trade