About Us

Rig City Roasting Company, Inc. is a specialty coffee company based in Bakersfield, California, and is operated by our founders. With a combined 15 years of management and production experience in the industry, our team has had the opportunity to explore and be inspired by the hard work that it takes to produce a truly exceptional cup of coffee. 

We are committed to responsible practices; all the way from sourcing to the cup. We're proud to purchase ethically sourced beans from small coffee traders, and package with 100% recycled bags lined with plant-based compostable film. 

Even from the dinner table planning stages of Rig City, we have valued an experience that focuses on the pure coffee bean itself and the skill with which it is roasted. Dedication to the craft of coffee roasting is our priority, and that dedication is what gives customers an unmatched experience. It is our goal to leave each customer feeling enlightened and satisfied. 


 Retail/Service Locations:

1. Brimhall Farmers Market: 9500 Brimhall Rd. 9am-1pm

2. Haggin Oaks Farmers Market: Kaiser Permanente 8800 Ming Ave. 9am-2pm

3. De Coeur Bake Shop: 1818 G St. Downtown Bakersfield

       *bags of coffee and cups of coffee sold here 

4. Eureka Burger: 10520 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield