Meet the Crew Part 1.

Kurt Thompson

Director of Operations 

Hey there! I am Kurt and I am the Director of Operations around here. I have been married for 12 years and we have 4 great kids. We love to get outdoors and go camping or play golf. I also have a passion for woodworking and cooking. Professionally, I worked for an oil and gas company for about 10 years and did anything from fieldwork to sales to management. I also did a stint with a major coffee corporation working as a barista and in management there as well. I think those years really fostered my love for coffee. Some of my favorite coffees are Jamaican Blue Mountain (which my wife and I found on a cruise through the Caribbean) or Kenyan. We are super excited to join the team and handle all the operational aspects! I look forward to meeting you all and continuing to provide the highest quality coffee by a locally owned and operated roasting company.