Responsibly Sourced - Locally Roasted - Craft Coffee

The heart of Rig City has always been about the coffee

All About The Beans

We have spent 15 years fine-tuning the process of freshly roasted coffee. We responsibly source our green beans, carefully roast every batch by hand, and deliver to our customers within days of roasting. Our heart is to provide an exceptional cup of coffee!

Country Of Origin

To maintain the integrity and the quality of the craft coffee you drink, we thoughtfully select our coffee beans from a variety of countries and regions. We want to provide our customers with the best selection of coffees from around the world. 

Roasting Process

Our dedication to the craft of coffee roasting is our priority. From the very beginning Rig City has been all about perfecting the right roast for every type of bean. We roast everything onsite at our warehouse in Bakersfield, CA. 


Our vision is to focus on you - our consumer - the ones who love our crafted coffee


Their coffee is locally roasted and it tastes better than every other coffee in town and they aren't pretentious.

K. Nunneley

Rig City roasts their own coffee beans - that means they can be the freshest possible, and the quality is consistent. I also love that they are a small mom-and-pop brand. 

B. Patrushev

I love to support local businesses and I love a great cup of coffee. I get both with Rig City. Their coffee is hands down the best around.

L. Long